Soothing Teething with Amber Necklaces

Teething and Teething Symptoms

Teething is the process of having teeth erupt into the mouth or oral cavity. Children get their teeth at different ages, but the teeth tend to erupt in a similar pattern despite differences in when they erupt. Typically children get their lower central front teeth first, followed by the uppers.

Sugar and Cavities – What can parents do about it?

Sugar and Cavities Most people understand that sugar causes teeth to get cavities. From an early age, dentists talk to kids about “sugar bugs” or sugar rotting holes in your …

Surfing Dentistry Oral Health

Surfing, Dentistry, Oral Health all have something in common, and it isn’t Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia. Australian professional surfer Tyler Wright, and her Colgate sponsor, can be seen above …

New and Innovative

A New and Innovative Dental Practice Welcome to Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia. We are an new and innovative pediatric dental practice that will serve the Hampton Roads, Virginia. We …