When Do Babies Get Teeth

Have You Ever Wondered When Your Baby’s Teeth Will Come In?

Of course you have, this is a natural question for parents. Some parents worry that their child is delayed because they haven’t gotten teeth yet while their peers have. Other parents are concerned that their child may not get teeth in or that the teeth might be missing. First off, rest assured that tooth eruption is highly variable and does not have a specific schedule. Factors that influence this are the gender of the child and individual differences. This article and infographic will get you all the information you need to know about your question, “When Do Babies Get Teeth? “

Deciduous Teeth or Primary Teeth

Deciduous Teeth or Primary Teeth are often also called baby teeth or milk teeth. This is the first set of teeth that humans get, and will be replaced with permanent teeth as the child gets older. Typically the first tooth erupts or “comes into the mouth” around the age of 6 months. This tooth is the lower central incisor. Children should have all 20 primary teeth by 3 years of age. However, some babies are born with a tooth already in the mouth. These are called natal teeth, and are not uncommon and are not a sign of any health problem. Primary teeth tend to follow an eruption pattern or order, but often do not follow a strict schedule. Usually, the tooth on the left and right will not come in at the exact same time. There is no preference to left or right side coming in sooner. However, they will usually come in shortly after one another.

So When Do Babies Get Teeth?

Primary Teeth Eruption Chart

Primary Tooth Eruption Order and Approximate Age of Eruption:

  1. Lower Central Incisor: 6 – 10 months
  2. Upper Central Incisor: 8 – 12 months
  3. Upper Lateral Incisor: 10 – 13 months
  4. Lower Lateral Incisor: 10 – 16 months
  5. Upper 1st Molar: 13 – 19 months
  6. Lower 1st Molar: 14 – 18 months
  7. Upper Canine: 16 – 22 months
  8. Lower Canine: 17 – 23 months
  9. Lower 2nd Molar: 22 – 31 months
  10. Upper 2nd Molar: 25 – 33 months

What to Do When Babies Get Teeth?

Teething can be a rough time for parents, especially modern parents with a lot to deal with. For more info on teething, visit our blog. But don’t forget, it is recommended that children see a pediatric dentist at the time of eruption of their first tooth or by a year old, whichever comes first. Establishing a dental home is an important part of a healthy and happy developing child. If you have other questions besides “When Do Babies Get Teeth?” or if you want to schedule your babies first visit be sure to visit Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia.