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We offer comprehensive dental care for children ages 12 and under, including general anesthesia options. Our comprehensive care includes treatment for patients with dental phobias, patients with extensive treatment plans, and patients with special needs. We aim to provide children of all ages, personalities, abilities, and backgrounds access to amazing oral healthcare.

Our Beachy Keen Services

Pediatric Dental Checkups

‘Get it done in year one!’ We recommend the first dental visit at one year old, same as our buds at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics. This allows us to work together on building a lasting dental home. Don’t worry, we can upgrade the appliances later.

Fillings & Crowns

Our services aim to restore the form and function of your child’s teeth for a healthy smile.

Sedation Dentistry & Anesthesia

We know the dentist can seem scary, so our services enable us to treat all levels of fear, tolerance and cooperation. Allow us the following 80s movie reference: our docs here are cuddly and adorable like Gizmo, not cranky and rude like Gremlins. But if you think your little Mogwai may turn into Stripe if fed after midnight, or that he or she may multiply when wet, we offer options for in-office general anesthesia. Our office is a certified QuadA facility: we subscribe to the highest standards of in-office operating room safety. Feel free to read more about our impeccable safety standards here

Patients with Special Needs

We believe all children deserve high-quality, customized care. Our office is welcoming, our private rooms are spacious, and we attempt to accommodate the unique needs of our patients with individualized compassion.