Low Calorie Soda Changes the Shape of Baby Teeth

Low Calorie Soda Changes the Shape of Baby Teeth

Wait- I thought low calorie soda and teeth were okay together?

A study in The Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry sought to investigate whether low calorie soda could affect the shape of baby teeth.

I’m Sorry, Our tax dollars paid for this?

No. This was an international study that divided enamel fragments from extracted primary teeth and divided them into five groups. The groups were exposed to one of the following five different solutions for 60 minutes:

  • control group,
  • sucrose (Coke Classic),
  • aspartame (Diet Coke),
  • erythritol (Zevia Cola),
  • or stevia (Coke Life).

Then a really expensive laser microscope was used to examine the enamel (the hard outer covering of teeth). Some very hard-to-pronounce statistical tests were applied to the groups to evaluate the pre-and-post-sugar enamel surface roughness.

What’s the bottom line?

The study found that all four sugars/sodas tested affected the roughness of baby teeth enamel. Diet Coke was one of the culprits to change surface roughness the most. When surface roughness increases, enamel exhibits more fissures, pits, and irregularities, which may increase the risk for cavity-causing bacteria to stick to enamel.  Essentially, drinking low calorie soda and diet soda may increase risk for baby teeth cavities.

Diet soda can cause cavities too

So what soda do you recommend?

Not so fast. Our practice believes in early intervention and establishing healthy habits. Consistent with the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) guidelines, we support the education of parents regarding daily sugar-consumption recommendations, as well as the sugar content of food, beverages, and medications.

So what should my kids drink?

We recommend milk only at meals and otherwise drinking water.  Of course we understand celebrations and parties happen, and we know that sugar liquid exists, but we should understand the effects of chronic, frequent consumption.

Feel free to discuss with us any concerns about your child’s diet.