Children's Dental Checkups - Norfolk • Virginia Beach • Chesapeake

Dental checkups are a very important part of your child’s overall health, growth, and development. So what happens at a dental checkup, and why are they important?

Even if you and your child make sure that their teeth are brushed and flossed routinely, regular dental checkups are still important. During these checkups, the dentist checks for signs of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other signs or symptoms of diseases, some of which are not even dental diseases but medical problems with oral manifestations. Often times, these examinations include dental radiographs or x-rays to check for problems deeper in the teeth and jaws that the dentist cannot readily see. Secondly, a professional cleaning or prophylaxis is performed. During these cleanings, tenacious biofilms and calcified plaque are removed from the hard-to-reach places on the teeth. These barnacle-like substances on the teeth are known to cause inflammations and are related to systemic health problems. Finally, these visits are educational for both the parent and child, promoting a positive experience that helps them feel good about coming back to the dentist.

Children should start checkups starting at age one or at the time of their first tooth eruption. For most other kids as well as adults, a twice-a-year dentist checkup is adequate. More frequent checkups may be required if there is an ongoing dental condition.