Navigating Dental Care Beyond Insurance: Our Out-of-Network Advantage

Welcome to Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia (CPDA), where smiles are crafted, and our patients come first! If you think that being out of network with insurance means restricted access to quality dental care, think again. At CPDA, we believe in empowering parents to make informed decisions about their child’s dental health—without insurance dictating their options.

Breaking the Myths Around Out-of-Network Coverage

It’s a common misconception that being out of network means limited coverage and hefty out-of-pocket expenses. However, CPDA is here to set the record straight. Many dental insurances, including popular ones like Cigna, Metlife, United Concordia, and Delta Dental, offer out-of-network options. This means you can still benefit from your insurance coverage when visiting our center.

We understand that financial concerns can deter some patients from seeking dental care. That’s why we strive to keep our costs reasonable and competitive, setting our rates on the lower end of the average for our region. You shouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of care just because you choose to go out of network.

Putting Parents in Control

Being out of network actually has some advantages. We want you to be the one making decisions about the type of care your child receives. At CPDA, your relationship is with the dentist, not the insurance company! Being out of network gives us the flexibility to tailor treatments to your child’s specific needs and preferences, rather than following rigid insurance rules.

Transparent Pricing and Affordable Options

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. You can always call our office and inquire about the cost of a specific procedure. CPDA will verify your insurance coverage and let you know the estimated out-of-pocket fee. For routine procedures like cleaning, fluoride, and a doctor’s exam without x-rays, the out-of-pocket fee is typically between $25 and $50.

We understand that dental treatments can be a significant financial burden. Therefore, we also offer self-pay options, which may pleasantly surprise you with their affordability! Even if you don’t have insurance coverage, we can charge you a reasonable self-pay rate, ensuring you still have access to quality dental care for your loved ones.

Anesthesia Services: Safe, Convenient, and Cost-effective

CPDA goes the extra mile to make dental procedures as comfortable and stress-free as possible for your child. Unlike hospitals, where anesthesia costs can be exorbitant, our anesthesia services come at a significantly lower cost. On average, the entire bill for anesthesia is around $1,500, offering substantial savings compared to hospital-affiliated surgical centers.

For children who require additional medical support during dental procedures, we have hospital privileges at CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters). This ensures that patients with significant medical needs receive the care they require in a safe and controlled environment.

Embrace Dental Care at Coastal Pediatrics Dental & Anesthesia

At Coastal Pediatrics Dental & Anesthesia, we put our patient’s needs first. Being out of network is not a barrier; it’s an opportunity to offer personalized, high-quality care without insurance limitations. Whether you have insurance or not, we are committed to providing affordable options so your child can achieve the healthy smile they deserve!

Take charge of your family’s dental health and experience the CPDA advantage today. Schedule a consultation with our team and discover the difference personalized care can make for you and your family.