New and Innovative

A New and Innovative Dental Practice

Welcome to Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia. We are an new and innovative pediatric dental practice that will serve the Hampton Roads, Virginia. We offer full service pediatric dentistry, but our specialty is delivering safe and effective anesthesia for dental care (Dental Anesthesia). Other practices have added anesthesia or sedation services to their existing offices with little consideration to the nuances of appropriately offering anesthesia services. We, instead, took the opposite approach. Coastal’s new and innovative approach has, at its heart, an outpatient ambulatory dental surgical center. We modeled ourselves after ambulatory surgical centers and office based surgical practices such as plastic surgery centers. At Coastal, we don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to anesthesia and patient safety, and neither should you.

A New and Innovative Approach to Anesthesia for Dentistry

Dentistry has been slow to adopt the prevailing standard of care in anesthesia. Dentists frequently provide their own sedation and anesthesia services while also performing the surgical procedures. In dentistry, many often adhere to antiquated monitoring and safety guidelines that differ from the current guidelines recommended by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. It was these guidelines and focus on safety that improved the risk of anesthesia. Therefore, US Institute of Medicine (IOM) often cites anesthesia for it’s “culture of safety” and great strides in improving patient outcomes. Following below is an excerpt from the US IOM’s report, To Err is Human:

“Anesthesiology is an example of a local, but complex, high-risk, dynamic patient care system in which there has been notably reduced error. Responding to rising malpractice premiums in the mid-1980s, anesthesiologists confronted the safety issues presented by the need for continuing vigilance during long operations but punctuated by the need for rapid problem evaluation and action. They were faced with a heterogeneity of design in anesthesia devices; fatigue and sleep deprivation; and competing institutional, professional, and patient care priorities. By a combination of technological advances (most notably the pulse oximeter), standardization of equipment, and changes in training, they were able to bring about major, sustained, widespread reduction in morbidity and mortality attributable to the administration of anesthesia.” Read the entire report here.

This is why the anesthesiologists’ motto is “Vigilance.”


Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia brings these same principles to the dental practice.

A New and Innovative Pediatric Dental Practice

Coming Soon to Hampton Roads, Virginia

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming practice. We look forward to promoting Oral Health for the children of Hampton Roads in a safe, comfortable, non-threatening environment. This includes that often have difficulties in the regular dental office. This includes those with dental phobias, extensive dental work or painful and/ or abscessed teeth. We also care for patients with Special Healthcare Needs. Our practice is here to make Hampton Roads Smile.