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To Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia!

We are an innovative, original, pediatric dental practice in Norfolk, Virginia. The unicorn is our spirit animal. Our mission is simple: to provide children of all ages, personalities, abilities, and backgrounds access to amazing oral healthcare!

We offer comforting treatment areas, transparent pricing, and a staff that feels like family, without your grandmother’s runny egg salad. Drs. Wong, Reynolds, and Sachs offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to cavity prevention and treatment. We encourage every child to sit back, relax and ride the wave to a happy, healthy smile.

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Pediatric Dentistry, Done Differently

We operate on an integrated medical-dental model, recognizing the critical link between oral health and overall health. We offer comprehensive care, including access to the highest quality anesthesia services.

Our office is a certified QuadA facility. We passed a rigorous on site inspection and are proud members of an ambulatory surgery association that subscribes to the highest standards for office-based operating room safety.

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Our origin story is quite simple. Around 13.8 billion years ago, the universe took shape after the first primordial molecule, helium hydride, blah blah blah, atmospheric changes, blah blah blah, carbon-chain reactions, blah blah blah… poof!… Coastal Pediatric Dental and Anesthesia was born. We aim to raise the standard of pediatric dentistry through exceptional care, safety, and patient empowerment. Your child’s health and safety are always our top priorities!

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What The Locals Say

Amazing!!! My daughter had to go in because of a fall on her front teeth. They squeezed her in day of, and EVERY single person there treated my family and most important my daughter like we were their family. They took care of us and squeezed us in for the surgery to to make sure my daughter is taken care of and no longer in pain. The whole exam my daughter was so happy because the doctors & techs were all engaging, playing, talking to and explaining everything to my daughter. Thank you everyone here for everything you do!
Shawna Mular
Shawna Mular
21:09 20 Nov 23
It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. My daughter is 2 and this is the first time she saw a dentist. They were quick and efficient and allowed me to comfort her, hold her favorite toy and play her favorite songs for the entire process. I would highly recommend anyone bringing their child to this practice.
Elizabeth Nevoraski
Elizabeth Nevoraski
17:35 15 Nov 23
Coastal Pediatric Dental and Anesthesia is an amazing group of Nurses and Doctors. Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Sachs are so patient, kind and welcoming for my kids that they love going to the Dentist. If you are looking for great care for your children's teeth and gum health as well as a positive experience for your kids to remember for many years, I would definitely recommend this group.
Bryan Hickman
Bryan Hickman
15:19 14 Nov 23
Wow. Amazing! The entire team was so great with my 4 year old daughter. She is pretty defiant and doesn’t let the dentist even look in her mouth. I got this referral and went today. She opened her mouth, answered questions, laughed, and asked when we can go back. They took a lot of time and went through everything step by step with me. I’m more than impressed and feel comfortable knowing that she will be in great hands with her surgery.
Tianna Antonitis
Tianna Antonitis
18:07 16 Oct 23
I cannot thank this team enough for their kindness and professionalism they showed me and my son. He's a nervous little guy so needless to say I was worried about taking him to the Dentist because I thought he would be a wreck. I was fortunate enough to be VERY wrong!! From my first call to schedule an appointment to walking out with my son after a dental procedure, our experience was wonderful. The reception team, Dr. Sachs, Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Wong, and the dental hygienist were all so great with my son, it was like they had known him for years. This facility is full of caring individuals that truly want to make you and your child's experiences with them easy and fun. My only wish is that I had taken my son here sooner because now we are moving and he won't get to continue having these great experiences at the dentist.If you are looking for a great Pediatric Dentist then you definitely found the right place! Thank you so much Coastal Pediatric Dentistry!! Your team is THE BEST!
Karina G
Karina G
23:05 20 Aug 23

Comfort and Fun

We invite you into our dental home at Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia, but please keep your flip-flops on! Our office is comfortable and kid-friendly, intentionally built to foster confidence and build relationships.

We Want To See You Smile!

New patients are always welcome at Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia. Request an appointment online today.