Childrens Dental X-Rays in Hampton Roads - Virginia Beach | Norfolk | Chesapeake

Dental Radiography or x-rays are an important part of diagnosing dental diseases. Since the tooth’s outer layer is made of enamel — the strongest substance in the human body — a dental x-ray allows us to see in between the teeth and the tooth’s interior to reveal any hidden cavities and ensure that dental infection has not spread to the nerve of the tooth, or worse, the jaw bones.

Dental x-rays can also detect abnormalities in the growth and development of the face and teeth and early detection makes treatment easier. Finally, x-rays can also detect unseen cysts, lesions, and tumors that cannot be detected visibly until the problem is quite severe.

Safety in Dental Imaging

Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia is committed to the Image Gently Alliance. We take x-rays only when they are needed. In addition, we follow a principle called ALARA — As Low As Reasonably Achievable. To do so, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia uses digital x-ray sensors, lead aprons and collars, and appropriately sized radiation doses for your child. We also use the Nomad Pro 2™, a low-dose x-ray source that is so safe that we don’t even leave the room when exposing intraoral x-rays.

Using these techniques, the amount of radiation exposure is similar to the amount you’d get during a plane ride across the country.

To learn more about dental x-rays for your child, read this brochure.