Coastal Pediatric Dental's Mission

Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia’s mission is to enable children to achieve oral health and wellness by providing the best and safest anesthesia for dentistry along with high quality dental care. Our motto is “Making Dentistry a Dream.”

​At Coastal, our vision is that no child be forced to suffer the effects of poor oral health due to fear or the inability to cooperate, and that those receiving care do not develop a lifetime of dental phobia from those childhood experiences. In addition, our vision is that no dental patient be harmed by sedation or anesthesia.

Our Core Values

Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia has 7 core values that guide our actions each day as we complete our mission and help us make our vision a reality. Those 7 core values are as follows:

  • Culture of Caring – Coastal team members deliver the best dental and anesthesia care for our patients. We also care for the well-being of our colleagues, team members and their families, and our community.
  • Openness / Non-judgemental – Our practice is a place where patients can achieve their oral health and wellness goals without either themselves or their families being judged or discriminated against. In addition, openness is about honest and open communication with our patients, their families, and others, even when that communication may be difficult or poorly received.
  • Amaze – Coastal and its team members go the extra mile to amaze, not only our patients and their families, but also our partners, teammates, and our medical and dental colleagues.
  • Safety – Patient safety is always our # 1 priority.
  • Trustworthy – Trust is the foundation to all relationships. Patients put their trust in Coastal, and we must not violate that trust. Our team and our partners must be able to trust each other in order to achieve our mission and our vision.
  • Attentiveness – Coastal’s attention to detail helps us achieve the highest quality dental care and the safest outpatient anesthesia for dentistry. Our attentiveness to our patients’ needs allows us to amaze them.
  • Learning – We educate our patients to allow them to achieve and maintain their oral health and wellness goals. We educate ourselves to continue to offer the highest quality healthcare. Each day is an opportunity for each of us at Coastal to learn and improve and teach others along the way.